Everything you need in one place

Real Smart Agent (RSA)

Included in your Monthly Fee!

  • End-to-end system

    • Instead of giving you multiple different websites for your systems, HomeSmart has ONE system for everything! You can forget all those passwords!
  • Broker-Agent Sync

    • As soon as you upload your paperwork into the system, we automatically get notifitied! No more having to wait for your Broker to approve something.
  • Real-Time Updates

    • Not only do you get real time updates on your listings, our system will let you know what date we are approving transactions from. 
  • Automated Task

    • We understand agents don't know have the time to spend on all of these systems. That is why the RSA also has a CRM built in so you can set and forget!


We are pleased to announce our partnership with kvCORE. For agents who are looking to take their business to the next level, kvCORE is a perfect tool for this.

The #1 Lead-Gen System Available

  • Agents & Teams LOVE our lead-gen tools! We’ve combined the power of our proven lead-generation tools together with even more features to pump-up and empower your online lead-gen, prospecting, Sphere of Influence (SOI) and even networking efforts. Now you can drive more business than ever before

Drive High Business Impact Online

  • Your website is the face of your online presence and is vital to much of your success. Our customizable websites continually drive high quality leads into your pipeline. Make a bigger impact in your market with branded websites and IDX.

A Serious Follow-Up Machine

  • Your CRM should be SMART. It can be one of your highest value ’employees’. We have setup kvCORE’s Smart CRM to do all the things you would want your smartest employee to do—rating and scoring leads, categorizing your potentials for follow-up, and leveraging your Sphere of Influence. Now you can do all of this in one place with kvCORE.

Driverless Functions & Intelligent Automation

  • At the heart of kvCORE is a serious automation machine. The kvCORE Marketing Autopilot features drive intelligent lead follow-up, getting up to 10X higher response from leads. It is similarly effective for automating follow-up with Sphere of Influence, Prospecting and Networking lists.

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